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Petersburg.[45] At the Indy Japan 300 at Twin Ring Motegi on April 20, Patrick moved to the front of the field with three laps remaining after the previous leaders were forced to make pit stops for fuel and held the first position to secure her maiden IndyCar victory.[46] This triumph made her the first woman to win a top level sanctioned open wheel car racing event.[47] At the season's fourth round at Kansas Speedway, Patrick finished 19th after a hubcap failure.[45] After qualifying fifth for the, she retired from the race early after a collision in the pit lane. As Ryan Briscoe exited his pitbox, the two cars collided a href=""swim jacket/a, and both were eliminated from the race.[48] Thereafter, Patrick finished within the top ten for five of the next six races in the season.[45] At Mid Ohio Sports Car Course, she had an incident with Milka Duno in practice. 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